Seniors consider taking advantage of travel rewards

Seniors consider taking advantage of travel rewards

Travel rewards are those rewards that are given to you whenever you use the services of a certain company for a relatively long period of time. For example, having a 2020 Medicare advantage comparison via
you have been traveling using KLM for many trips to your travel destinations. With that idea at hand, it is very crucial to consider the fact that you may end up being awarded rewards meant for seniors who have been using such services for a relatively long period of time.  When those rewards come, then you need to take advantage of them basically because you may never get another chance to use such services for free.

Benefits of reward travels

There are a number of benefits that you will accrue from taking advantage of travel rewards offered by the service providers. The first benefit is that you will save your money during your travel. Have you ever been rewarded for using certain service from a certain provider? Yes, if you have been rewarded before, then you will understand the reason why am saying that traveling could help you save you finances. You will be in a position to save your money when you are awarded a return ticket for free and even a free hotel stay for the whole period you will be in a specified place.

Secondly, rewards are the basis of satisfaction

Satisfaction comes when someone recognizes you through travel rewards. Travel rewards are the best since they make you feel like someone has recognized you because you are a senior. A senior is someone very important because people will give you rewards just because you have used their service. That feeling that comes after receiving such a reward is a feeling of satisfaction. Satisfaction is also the basis of longevity for seniors and that something that you need to consider.

Travel rewards are a source of encouragement

Sometimes, when rewards are not given even after consuming so many services from a service provider, you will feel like you are not being recognized. With that idea, whenever someone rewards you, you will be in a position to feel like you are encouraged. Such an encouragement is important as it will give you a motivation to travel more and more during your retirement. As soon as you land on a reward, you will then feel like traveling more and more so as to get such rewards. When rewarded by travel agencies, you will also feel like you image has been upheld.

Factors determining the Medicare supplement plans you will choose

When it is the matter of making a choice between the Medicare supplement plans, there are several recipients and agents to take a view of the plans especially the supplement plan F as the Cadillac or the expert amongst the other plans there are. Thus, there are several things which these plans will provide for you.

If you are above 65, you already get the Medicare plans

If you are already a senior citizen den your age is 65 or above, chances are you are already entitled to the simple Medicare plan which will pay for your medical stuff. The plans A and B will be playing for all your visits to the doctor as well as the several visits to the hospital. It will also cover any kind of operation which you might have to undergo. In a way, these plans are solely responsible for the coverage of your medical bills. However, the unfortunate thing is that these plans are designed in such a manner that they will not be cover for all your things, there are several gaps or loopholes which have been left in these plans, and that can pose as a problem in the future.

Medicare supplement plans take care of all the rest

But you have nothing to worry about. This is where the Medicare supplement plans come into existence for the sole purpose of making sure that all these gaps are filled in properly. This means that all those coverages will be made which were earlier left open by the simple Medicare plan. Also, under the supplement plans, you will be able to visit any of the doctors of your choice, and you will be able to get admitted in any of the hospitals you wish to be a part of. Thus, there are several benefits which already come in along with these supplement plans.

You need to see whether you will be able to afford the plan

Due to the way in which these Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 work or operate, they are also known as Medias. There are some factors which actually come into play while making a choice of these spokesmen plans. The first factor being the financial situation you are in. it needs to be made sure whether you will be able to afford the plans or not since the base price of the supplement plan F starts at 95 dollars and increases from there. The premium of Medicare supplement plans is locality dependent.

Design Measures that will Ensure that you Prevent Falls during Old Age (Age 65 and Beyond)

Design Measures that will Ensure that you Prevent Falls during Old Age (Age 65 and Beyond)

When we talk about falls, someone will think that falls is not common among people who are aged beyond the age of 65. In Africa, falls are not common and people can live for up to a hundred years without experiencing falls. I know that someone will be tempted to ask me “what is the sole cause of falls among people beyond the age of 65”. The best answer is that falls is as a result of lack of body balance which hence brings dizziness. Again, falls are caused by improper functioning of muscles especially the back and feet muscles. There are a number of ways that you can use to prevent falls at a senior age.

Way of preventing unnecessary falls

Considering that we become vulnerable to falls as we progress beyond the age of 65, it is important to put in place measures of preventing such falls. There are a number of simple measures or prevention towards falls. The first and the simplest is avoiding loose carpets and rugs on a smooth tiled floors. You will agree with me that there are those tiles that may not have enough grip on a rug placed on it. With that idea in mind, if you floor is made of porcelain tiles, you need to make sure that you don’t use loose rugs on it. This is because your feet may not have enough strength to prevent itself from slipping.

Secondly, your bathroom floors should be made of materials that will always enhance maximum grip. More than 90 percent of the falls that I have heard or read about are experienced in a bathroom. Bathroom floors are mostly slippery because of soap and water. With that there are those bathroom shoes that are made rubber soles and have a tendency to hold on to the ground with ease. This is what you always want to wear so as to avoid falls within your house and within your bathroom. Get a 2020 supplement quote at

Thirdly, avoid walking bare foot within your house or while using the stair case. Most of those who experience falls have reported to have been walking barefooted before they fell. Having that in mind, make sure that you always wear shoes with a broad shaped sole. The broad surface is good bringing about balance and they are also perfect in increasing the grip.

Medicare Advantage Plans feature Different Types, know the details here

Medicare Advantage is of many types and is also referred to as Part C Medicare plans. The Medicare Advantage plans offer an alternative way of receiving Part A and B Original Medicare benefits.  In fact, with Part C Medicare, you enjoy the Original Medicare same coverage, but for the benefits of hospice care. These are offered through a private insurance company that has approval from Medicare. The Medicare Advantage plans provide benefits such as routine dental service and drug prescription coverage benefits.

The Medicare Advantage plans common types include the HMOs, PPOs, PFFS and SNPS plans. Apart from these common main types of plans, there are less common options such as HMO POS and MSA. However, each plan of Medicare Advantage offers special benefits. Conversely, there is a need to compare the benefits of Medicare Advantage plans so that you find the one that meets your needs.

As Medicare Advantage plans 2018 are issued by private insurance Medicare approved companies, there are differences between the plans, including additional coverage, costs such as dental, hearing, routine vision or wellness coverage and certain rules for receiving the services. Of course, the fact stays that not every Medicare Advantage plan may be available in your residing place.

  • Health Maintenance Organization is the first health-care type of plan requiring selecting doctor for primary care. You need a referral to see specialist, in most cases. In case you do not follow the services rules, you need to pay full care costs.  However, under certain circumstances you cannot get the services covered if you acquire outside the Medicare providers network plan.  Though, the rules are restrictive, the restrictions offset lower costs.
  • Preferred Provider Organization is a Medicare advantage plans type that allows you to visit any hospital or doctor, but you will be paid less on using hospitals and doctors belonging to the network plan. Typically, the health plans do not need any referral to visit a specialist. Yet, if you use specialists out of the list of network, you need to pay higher cost for the services covered. This plan monthly premium may be higher.
  • Private Fee-For-Service plan type is when you need not pick a primary care doctor nor are referrals required for specialists. However, not all the plans of Medicare providers accept.
  • Special Needs Plans are for people who qualify based on their health needs. These plans offer coverage to meet specific conditions and needs of people they serve.

3 Health Care Innovations that can significantly help the Seniors

The concept of innovation is a never-ending process. Today, on the field of technology there are specific advancements that can help various age groups towards reaching the goal of simplifying their lives. On that aspect, it is important to emphasize that the senior population is constantly increasing in North America. The expectations are that this number will increase to 20% by the year of 2050. Many of these seniors have some health and physical issues that can complicate their mobility. Based on these predictions, combined with the ever-increasing medical costs, we can easily conclude that the support for these elderly people will be complicated. However, the constant innovations in the healthcare technology can provide a broad spectrum of a solutions for this problem. This article will provide 3 Unique Technological Innovations that can improve the general outlook of the healthcare for retired people.

The first notable innovation is the so-called Telehealth and Telemedicine Systems. This technological concept is based on innovative platform. To be more specific, disabled people have the unique opportunity to use video conferencing to connect with doctors, clinicians and specialists. The advanced telehealth systems offer a simple and easy to understand platform which is based on internet-connected mobile device so that can work. Once installed, doctors can remotely analyze specific health issues that the patient is facing at the specific moment. Click here for online quotes

The second innovative platform is the concept of Health Care Informatics

The goal Health informatics aims to better the general health care services through the process of creating a medical database health-related information. An example of healthcare informatics is the electronic health record (EHR) system which collects and stores health data. The main purpose behind this activity to establish a certain relation between health organizations and official which will share information in order to better tackle specific health challenges. This unique form of cooperation in the health system results in improved care for senior and retired users.

The third notable innovation is the revolutionary Remote Monitoring Devices.

The main purpose of these Remote systems is to lessen the burden of tracking infirm or disabled elderly people. To be more specific, there are armbands that have the ability to track potential falls, heartbeats, hours slept, level of activity. Moreover, these gadgets include a so-called panic button in case of emergencies. Seniors can also use devices to measure blood sugar and blood pressure. Furthermore, the health professionals and doctors can use GPS tracker worn on a Dementia patient in order to locate him or her.

On a conclusive note, we can acknowledge that concept of improved health care means that more people are living longer. Taking care of the increased number of elderly people is not simple. It puts a burden on families and the healthcare systems around the world.  Fortunately, the constant technological development in the healthcare technologies can help minimize this burden on the long term.

Medicare Supplement Plans: A brief on Medigap Plans

Medigap refers to Medicare supplement plans that offer extra health insurance. This can be purchased from private insurance companies that help in paying health care costs that are not covered by Traditional Medicare. In fact, Medigap is available if you go outside the United States. However, Medigap does not cover dental care, hearing aids, long term care, vision care, private duty nursing and eyeglasses. Likewise, the prescription drugs are not covered by most plans.

Medigap policies are available to people having Part A and B Medicare supplement plans. This helps in hospital services payment and doctor services cost. Note: People having Medicare Advantage Plan may not get a Medigap plan.  It is best you check in your area about the availability of Medigap plans.

Medigap plans

Medigap standard plans are from A through N and provide health coverage to varying levels. Premiums among the insurance companies may vary, but the benefits remain the same for each Medigap standard plan. For instance, a Plan C Medigap policy provides the same of benefits, regardless of which company policy you have. The Medigap standard policies are different only in Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Minnesota.

For Medicare supplement plans, there is open enrolment period and this covers a period of seven months. It starts from your 65th birthday month as long as you have Part B Medicare signed up or within a period of six months of Part B Medicare signing.  This is the time you can buy Medigap policy even if you have health concerns and the advantage is you will pay the same price as any healthy individual. But, if you consider buying outside this window a Medigap policy, there is no assurance to get the same coverage. However, the rates may be higher, if you fail to get covered.

For Medicare supplement plans, the monthly premium must be paid apart from Part B Medicare premium. The Medigap policy cost is based on the plan type you buy, your location, age and the insurance company. A Medigap standard policy is renewable, regardless of your health concerns, if you are paying on time your premiums.

You can wait for a period of six months to receive the coverage, if you already have a health pre-existing condition. This is because the insurer can refuse the costs beyond pocket coverage for pre-existing conditions in that period. However, after six months, it is a must for the Medigap policy to cover this pre-existing condition. Go to  to find out more.


Most of us are not fully aware of what Medicare supplement covers entail. There are ten Medicare supplement plans that you can choose from. Each of these plans have different benefits that they provide and they also have different premiums some are more expensive than others. The supplement plans are sold by private insurance companies and they are also available in different states. If you are not sure whether you should purchase a Medicare supplement cover or not, there are some aspects that you can consider to determine if it is the ideal choice for you.

Get a 2019 medicare supplement plan here

A Medicare Supplement plan is good for you if you have persistent medical conditions. Some of these conditions may require you to have frequent hospital visits. With a serious medical condition, you may be forced to pay for a lot of medical expenses that are not catered for by the original Medicare. With a comprehensive Medicare supplement plan, you will be paying minimal or no extra medical expenses. If you have a persistent medical condition, Medicare supplement plans are the right choice.


A Medicare supplement plan is also the right choice if you are incurring medical expenses that are too high. If you are getting burdened by out of pocket medical expenses, you should visit a private insurance company to get a Medicare supplement policy. With proper calculation, you may find out that the expenses that you may be paying can equal the premium amounts that may be required.

You should also get a Medicare supplement plan if you want cushion against future medical emergencies. Medical conditions are very unpredictable costs and you should hence make sure that you protect yourself against medical occurrences in the future that may occur in the future. A Medicare supplement plan that is affordable and comprehensive will ensure that you have a future back up plan if you get a quick and unexpected illness.

Besides the above conditions under which you should definitely get a Medicare supplement cover, it is advisable to get the cover if you are eligible. It is not a compulsory health insurance cover that you are supposed to have but it will help you save on some money. As it is a cover that is mostly eligible to those above 65, it is ideal since this is the retirement age where most illnesses associated with old age are likely to occur.

3-Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plan

You are perhaps shopping around for the appropriate Medicare plan for you. There are many things you have to understand about Medicare to be able to choose the right part that suits you. Although you can change the plan along the way, it is good if you get it first thing.

Part A and Part B are called original Medicare plan because they are offered by the government. Original Medicare plan does not cover all medical expenses you are going to incur. Therefore, there is a need for an extra cover to help cater for extra expenses. Medicare Advantage plan is what you need.

Here are Benefits of Medicare Advantage plan you should know

It is an alternative to Original Medicare

Medicare Advantage plan is an alternative plan to the original Medicare cover. You will be needed to pay extra premium alongside Part B premiums. If you have enrolled in Medicare Advantage plan, you should use this card and not for the original Medicare plan to be able to enjoy its benefits.

You don’t need to enroll in Medicare Part D drug plan

Medicare part D drug plan is in-build in the Medicare advantage plan. While you need to enroll for the part D with the original Medicare plans and the Medicare supplement plans, you will not have to apply it to this plan. This will save you money. Medicare part D drug plan comes with an extra premium, this means that you will benefit more with Medicare advantage plan than when you enroll for part D to go with original Medicare covers.

You don’t need Medigap Insurance

Medicare advantage plans cover most of the extra expenses the same as Medigap insurance. You will not have to buy Medigap insurance cover if you already have Medicare Advantage plan. This is also to your advantage. Since there are more monthly premiums to pay for it enrollment, you will have to choose the most appropriate cover.

You may wish to compare Medigap Plans here:


Medicare advantage plans cover everything that is covered in part A and part B. It also provides extra covers which includes dental, optical services and wellness programs. Medicare advantage plan also covers prescription drugs which means you do not need to enroll in part D plan if you have Medicare advantage plan. The best thing about Medicare Advantage is that it covers all forms of emergencies which are not found with the original Medicare cover.


Cancer is a mixture of different related diseases which start from one part of the body as cells and spread all over the tissues that are around them. Cancer is believed to develop in any part of the human body and contains trillions of abnormal cells which multiply. A human body has a mechanism for producing cells, and when the old cells become obsolete, die and some other new cells are formed to replace the mature cells.

If the old cells do not die and the new ones form, yet they are not needed they start getting damaged thereby forming tumors which are called growth. Cancer infections are hard to fight as they hide in the bloodstream and move along to other parts of the body thereby causing immune system weak to fight them.

Although in the ordinary life the immune systems protect the body from infections, the cancer cells are sometimes not recognized by the system, and they evade the immune systems causing other network organs to be infected.


From the scientific view, cancer is a genetic disease and is inherited from

  1. Parents,
  2. It can also arise out of being exposed to different environments that end up damaging the DNA.

How does Cancer spread?

When life starts, it begins with just a single cell and out of replication, it multiplies into two cells and on and on it continues to replicate into billions of other cells as the body grows. As the cells reproduce, they form parts of the body like a leg; the other becomes the eye and so on. If the skin is hurt some cells die and others form to cater for the dead ones.

Since every cell has its role in the body, and all know that the hormones work together to ensure that if a particular cell should be placed on the finger, it should remain at that specific part. But if it happens to form in the mouth, then it loses its role and will damage the tissues for being in the wrong place. This damage causes tumor which eventually develops to be cancerous (Malignant), and they keep on growing other tumors which are not standard cells.

Cancer treatment

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  1. Cancer tumors are removed through surgery, drugs, some are removed through chemotherapy, and there are others that can be shrunk by radiotherapy process pending surgery. Treatment should be a continuous process to ensure that the cancer cells are entirely suppressed depending on the stage that it has reached.