3-Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plan

You are perhaps shopping around for the appropriate Medicare plan for you. There are many things you have to understand about Medicare to be able to choose the right part that suits you. Although you can change the plan along the way, it is good if you get it first thing.

Part A and Part B are called original Medicare plan because they are offered by the government. Original Medicare plan does not cover all medical expenses you are going to incur. Therefore, there is a need for an extra cover to help cater for extra expenses. Medicare Advantage plan is what you need.

Here are Benefits of Medicare Advantage plan you should know

It is an alternative to Original Medicare

Medicare Advantage plan is an alternative plan to the original Medicare cover. You will be needed to pay extra premium alongside Part B premiums. If you have enrolled in Medicare Advantage plan, you should use this card and not for the original Medicare plan to be able to enjoy its benefits.

You don’t need to enroll in Medicare Part D drug plan

Medicare part D drug plan is in-build in the Medicare advantage plan. While you need to enroll for the part D with the original Medicare plans and the Medicare supplement plans, you will not have to apply it to this plan. This will save you money. Medicare part D drug plan comes with an extra premium, this means that you will benefit more with Medicare advantage plan than when you enroll for part D to go with original Medicare covers.

You don’t need Medigap Insurance

Medicare advantage plans cover most of the extra expenses the same as Medigap insurance. You will not have to buy Medigap insurance cover if you already have Medicare Advantage plan. This is also to your advantage. Since there are more monthly premiums to pay for it enrollment, you will have to choose the most appropriate cover.

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Medicare advantage plans cover everything that is covered in part A and part B. It also provides extra covers which includes dental, optical services and wellness programs. Medicare advantage plan also covers prescription drugs which means you do not need to enroll in part D plan if you have Medicare advantage plan. The best thing about Medicare Advantage is that it covers all forms of emergencies which are not found with the original Medicare cover.