Cancer is a mixture of different related diseases which start from one part of the body as cells and spread all over the tissues that are around them. Cancer is believed to develop in any part of the human body and contains trillions of abnormal cells which multiply. A human body has a mechanism for producing cells, and when the old cells become obsolete, die and some other new cells are formed to replace the mature cells.

If the old cells do not die and the new ones form, yet they are not needed they start getting damaged thereby forming tumors which are called growth. Cancer infections are hard to fight as they hide in the bloodstream and move along to other parts of the body thereby causing immune system weak to fight them.

Although in the ordinary life the immune systems protect the body from infections, the cancer cells are sometimes not recognized by the system, and they evade the immune systems causing other network organs to be infected.


From the scientific view, cancer is a genetic disease and is inherited from

  1. Parents,
  2. It can also arise out of being exposed to different environments that end up damaging the DNA.

How does Cancer spread?

When life starts, it begins with just a single cell and out of replication, it multiplies into two cells and on and on it continues to replicate into billions of other cells as the body grows. As the cells reproduce, they form parts of the body like a leg; the other becomes the eye and so on. If the skin is hurt some cells die and others form to cater for the dead ones.

Since every cell has its role in the body, and all know that the hormones work together to ensure that if a particular cell should be placed on the finger, it should remain at that specific part. But if it happens to form in the mouth, then it loses its role and will damage the tissues for being in the wrong place. This damage causes tumor which eventually develops to be cancerous (Malignant), and they keep on growing other tumors which are not standard cells.

Cancer treatment

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  1. Cancer tumors are removed through surgery, drugs, some are removed through chemotherapy, and there are others that can be shrunk by radiotherapy process pending surgery. Treatment should be a continuous process to ensure that the cancer cells are entirely suppressed depending on the stage that it has reached.