Design Measures that will Ensure that you Prevent Falls during Old Age (Age 65 and Beyond)

Design Measures that will Ensure that you Prevent Falls during Old Age (Age 65 and Beyond)

When we talk about falls, someone will think that falls is not common among people who are aged beyond the age of 65. In Africa, falls are not common and people can live for up to a hundred years without experiencing falls. I know that someone will be tempted to ask me “what is the sole cause of falls among people beyond the age of 65”. The best answer is that falls is as a result of lack of body balance which hence brings dizziness. Again, falls are caused by improper functioning of muscles especially the back and feet muscles. There are a number of ways that you can use to prevent falls at a senior age.

Way of preventing unnecessary falls

Considering that we become vulnerable to falls as we progress beyond the age of 65, it is important to put in place measures of preventing such falls. There are a number of simple measures or prevention towards falls. The first and the simplest is avoiding loose carpets and rugs on a smooth tiled floors. You will agree with me that there are those tiles that may not have enough grip on a rug placed on it. With that idea in mind, if you floor is made of porcelain tiles, you need to make sure that you don’t use loose rugs on it. This is because your feet may not have enough strength to prevent itself from slipping.

Secondly, your bathroom floors should be made of materials that will always enhance maximum grip. More than 90 percent of the falls that I have heard or read about are experienced in a bathroom. Bathroom floors are mostly slippery because of soap and water. With that there are those bathroom shoes that are made rubber soles and have a tendency to hold on to the ground with ease. This is what you always want to wear so as to avoid falls within your house and within your bathroom. Get a 2020 supplement quote at

Thirdly, avoid walking bare foot within your house or while using the stair case. Most of those who experience falls have reported to have been walking barefooted before they fell. Having that in mind, make sure that you always wear shoes with a broad shaped sole. The broad surface is good bringing about balance and they are also perfect in increasing the grip.