Medicare Advantage Plans feature Different Types, know the details here

Medicare Advantage is of many types and is also referred to as Part C Medicare plans. The Medicare Advantage plans offer an alternative way of receiving Part A and B Original Medicare benefits.  In fact, with Part C Medicare, you enjoy the Original Medicare same coverage, but for the benefits of hospice care. These are offered through a private insurance company that has approval from Medicare. The Medicare Advantage plans provide benefits such as routine dental service and drug prescription coverage benefits.

The Medicare Advantage plans common types include the HMOs, PPOs, PFFS and SNPS plans. Apart from these common main types of plans, there are less common options such as HMO POS and MSA. However, each plan of Medicare Advantage offers special benefits. Conversely, there is a need to compare the benefits of Medicare Advantage plans so that you find the one that meets your needs.

As Medicare Advantage plans 2018 are issued by private insurance Medicare approved companies, there are differences between the plans, including additional coverage, costs such as dental, hearing, routine vision or wellness coverage and certain rules for receiving the services. Of course, the fact stays that not every Medicare Advantage plan may be available in your residing place.

  • Health Maintenance Organization is the first health-care type of plan requiring selecting doctor for primary care. You need a referral to see specialist, in most cases. In case you do not follow the services rules, you need to pay full care costs.  However, under certain circumstances you cannot get the services covered if you acquire outside the Medicare providers network plan.  Though, the rules are restrictive, the restrictions offset lower costs.
  • Preferred Provider Organization is a Medicare advantage plans type that allows you to visit any hospital or doctor, but you will be paid less on using hospitals and doctors belonging to the network plan. Typically, the health plans do not need any referral to visit a specialist. Yet, if you use specialists out of the list of network, you need to pay higher cost for the services covered. This plan monthly premium may be higher.
  • Private Fee-For-Service plan type is when you need not pick a primary care doctor nor are referrals required for specialists. However, not all the plans of Medicare providers accept.
  • Special Needs Plans are for people who qualify based on their health needs. These plans offer coverage to meet specific conditions and needs of people they serve.